Lingala music from Congo

Lingala which is Congolese music has been a major influence on Kenyan music. The lingala music relies heavily on bass guitar and the melodious voices of several lead singers. Examples of artists are Fally ipupa and Koffi Olomide.


Growing up, many people were immersed in reggae tunes from artistes such as lucky dube, bob Marley, peter Tash, and UB40. This lead to emergence of local reggae artistes and groups such as the noize and hard stone.

Hip hop

Originated from America. This genre reasonates deeply with the younger generation growing up in the urban areas such as Nairobi.


The 90’s were a golden era in Kenyan music because of the RnB tunes which dominate till to date.

Afro pop

Afro pop, a sub genre of pop music in Kenya is huge, with talented groups eg sauti sol, churning out hits after hits. In June 2017, the first afropop festival took place in Kenya.

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